Automotive Aftermarket Reports

Autotech offers you valuable insights into the automotive aftermarket in Egypt, Africa and the MENA region through various market reports. Seize the opportunity and download your free copies now to develop a comprehensive perspective onto the industry.

Ready for Inspection - the automotive aftermarket in 2023 report

April, 2023

Why will buyers increasingly shift to e-commerce?Many buyers nowadays shift to online channels to get a better idea of prices, quality, and reviews. In the UK, France, and Germany, more than a quarter of aftermarket customers use internet resources to research factories. Also, more than a third use digital tools to guide their purchase of auto parts. learn more and get your free copy 

Autotech Auto Aftermarket Report

September, 2020

The Autotech aftermarket report provides a valuable market overview regionally, in addition to, more detailed insights into the local markets, divided by key segments in the industry, including commercial, electric vehicles, tyres and more.

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Automotive Aftermarket Industry in Egypt

December, 2019

The GFK report provides an outlook on the automotive aftermarket industry in Egypt. The report gives an overview of the economic landscape in Egypt, in addition to insights to the lubricants and tyres market along with the urban versus rural classification of the market.

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The Light Vehicle Automotive Sector in North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco)

December, 2017

The Frost & Sullivan report includes a macroeconomic background and outlook, going through more details in the vehicle market, parts aftermarket and electro mobility in North Africa. Before drawing final conclusions and opportunities. 

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