Supplying fuel and providing car-wash facilities to a  growing number of vehicles on the road in Egypt is becoming an increasingly attractive market.The main players in the market such as SHELL, TOTAL, EMARAT MISR and ESSO (and many more) seek the most innovative and cost effective solutions to ensure customers keep coming back.Alonsgide the main players, many smaller car-wash facilities are prominent in Egypt and they too seek quality products to their secure business and to remain competitive.  

Who should exhibit?

Companies dealing in:

  • Refuelling
  • Washing & Care
  • Road construction machinery
  • Ashpalt and geosynthetic 
  • Bitumen Drilling, pile driving, mining equipment and instruments

Who will you meet?

  • Market leaders in service stations 
  • Owners of car-wash facilities 
  • Producrement teams from public transport authorities and operating companies
  • Policymaking and regulatory organizations
  • Maintenance professionals
  • Supply chain managers

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