Autotech caters for the entire automotive aftermarket supply chain. 

Seven critical sectors have been identified as fast growing and of major interest to Egyptian and African buyers. 

IT & Management

For the most commercial of our visitors. The IT & Management sector offers business owners and managers the opportunity to meet the very latest systems and technologies to enhance their business. From dealerships to garages and  workshops, IT and Management solutions enable businesses to enhance their productivity, reduce downtime, improve profits and accounting and manage staff. 

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Service Stations & Car Wash

With thousands of service stations and car wash facilities in Cairo alone, Autotech exhibitors within this sector have an opportunity to showcase quality and cost effective solutions to owners of large and small service stations.  

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Tyres & Batteries

More than 10% of visitors at Autotech in 2018 have demanded to see a new section for Tyres and Batteries at Autotech this year.   

Be part of the first showcase of this special new section in 2019    

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Accessories & Tuning

Egypt's Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced that the number of vehicles licensed in Egypt through the end of 2016 reached 9.4 million. 

Updating cars with the latest accessories and technologies is important to car owners in Egypt and buyers are looking to ensure they have the very latest products to reach consumer expectation.  

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Parts & Components

In North Africa, Egypt dominates the spare parts market thanks to the highest number of vehicles in operation.  

Be part of a highly growing sector and take the opportunity to make local and international connections to enable fruitful import and export opportunities.  

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Electronics & Systems

Covering every electrical element of vehicles, the electronics and systems section showcases high quality froducts from passenger comfort and safety through to lighting, wiring and sensors.   

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Repair & Maintenance

Decline in the purchasing of new cars in Egypt has led to growth in the repair and maintenance sector. Garages and Repair Workships must be equiped to deal with the increased levels of business and therefore repair and maintenance tools and machinery are in high demand.  

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Download the Frost and Sullivan Market Research Report to learn more about the Egypt and North Africa Automotive Aftermarket sector.